We are creating Walkways in all 82 Commonwealth nations and territories to inspire an active, healthy and connected family of global friends.

One in three people in the Commonwealth are not active enough to benefit their health and more than 19m people a year are dying prematurely because of it.  


The Trust's Walkway programme is providing a safe, accessible and attractive place in every Commonwealth nation and territory to inspire people to walk. 


People are 50% more likely to walk if there is a quality path within reach of where they live.  Our initiative engages local people, highlights the uniqueness and diversity of every culture and place, and leaves a lasting legacy in honour of The Head of The Commonwealth for 66 years, Her Majesty The Queen. 

Inspired by The Queen's Baton Relay the Walkways are being permanently marked on the ground in bronze, shared on an app accessible with smart phones, and promoted on informative panels at the start of each route. 



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© 2018 The Outdoor Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (1148702) and a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (8130120). 


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