The Jubilee Greenway was created to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, linking the West End of London with the East End.  It travels a symbolic 60km from Buckingham Palace through Hyde Park, to Kensington and Paddington, then along the Regent’s Canal through Victoria Park to the main Olympic Site. It then passes along Bazalgette’s Greenway and down through Beckton District Park to the Thames.  The Greenway crosses the river to Woolwich and then returns along the Thames Path to Tower Bridge where it joins The Queen’s Walk back to Buckingham Palace. 


The route is marked by more than 500 discs, designed by a local artist and made from London’s recycled glass, which have been installed with the generous support of Transport for London and relevant boroughs. 

Her Royal Majesty kindly unveiled the foundation marker at a special ceremony on 29 February 2012.  The changing of the guard was delayed at 11am so that The Queen could walk out of the main gates of Buckingham Palace and launch the Greenway.  The marker has quickly become one of the most photographed assets of the capital and inspires many inquiries and walks. 

Section 1 : Buckingham Palace to Paddington (5.63km) 

Section One begins our route in stately fashion, leaving Buckingham Palace for a walk through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, incorporating gracious aspects of Apsley House, Wellington Arch, the Serpentine Gallery and the Royal Albert Hall. Grand old hotels, well polished embassies and imposing mansions: Section Two is a sampling of Society London, where elegant Georgian architecture and magical cobbled mews are always de rigueur.

Section 2: Paddington's Little Venice to Camden (4.83km) 

One of the most soothing and attractive sections for the walker and boat traveller alike, constantly changing and rich in points of interest, from the smart residential area of Little Venice to the exciting atmosphere of the famed Camden Lock Market. 



Section 3: Camden to Victoria Park (7.55km) 

A satisfying stretch along the Regent’s Canal, from famous Camden Lock to the main Olympic site, this Section highlights the contrasts thrown up by a living, growing capital, meandering between old districts and new developments.



Section 4: Victoria Park  to Greenway (8.19km) 

Beginning at Victoria Park, this section goes right through the Olympic Site at Stratford, along the Greenway, a route created above the main sewerage system of London.



Section 5: Greenway to Thames (5.49km)

Passing through three parks, a farm, a meadow, a marsh and a lake en route to the ferry port, stopping to appreciate long views over the docks and the monolithic outline of Canary Wharf on the horizon: perhaps it is time to re-think ‘the East End’...



Section 6: Thames to Greenwich (9.01km)

This section celebrates the river, following the mighty Thames upstream from the Woolwich Ferry Dock and Flood Barrier to the steps of the Royal Naval College, leaving the O2 Dome, numerous wharfs, dramatic views, and surprising wildlife in its wake.



Section 8: Greenwich to Tower Bridge (10.26km)

Between Greenwich Palace and the Tower Bridge the Thames is at work, but with frequent opportunities to appreciate the best views of the North Bank’s landmarks and a pub round every corner, you’ll be refreshed and relaxed enough to enjoy a 4 star dinner by the Tower.

Section 9: Tower Bridge to South Bank Lion (4.93km)

The pulse of urban London quickens again as you begin Section Ten. Hugging the South Bank, it links no less than eight landmark bridges and is a hub of cultural centres, including the Globe Theatre, South Bank Centre, Tate Modern and several famous museums.

Section 10: South Bank Lion to Buckingham Palace (2.7km)

The political and ceremonial heart of England is showcased in this fitting final section, with some of Britain’s most iconic architecture. Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, St James Palace, Clarence House, numerous memorials – a snapshot of history from every angle.

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